integrating clean energy at scale

About us

Wolmaransstad Survey Solutions’ mission is to enable pumped hydroelectric storage to become the dominant form of utility-scale energy storage the world over. In an innovative twist, we plan to incorporate large scale solar and wind energy to further capitalise on Southern Africa’s energy mix potential.

The key difference between our approach and traditional pumped storage is the use of sea water close to desert coastline when wind speeds are greatest and solar irradiation is at its highest.

Based on our analysis of Southern African topography, we have identified a number of high potential sites in desert areas along the coast, where it would be ideal for integration with wind and solar, which are both notoriously intermittent.

We are currently in the analysis and R&D phase, with a view to commence the Environmental Impact Assessment  process and infrastructure development in the latter part of 2023.

We have team members and consulting experts in the field and work out of Cape Town, South Africa, with some of the best minds in the business from around the globe. If you’d like to chat pumped storage, renewables or debate the merits of machine learned algorithmic salt water dam scanning, drop us a line or email